Our Mission

Thame Sherpa Heritage Fund’s mission is to support the rebuilding and development of the Thame Valley community in a locally collaborative, culturally sensitive, sustainable, and equitable manner in order to increase community resilience in the long term.



Now that we are in 2016, the needs of Thame Valley  have graduated from emergency relief to the implementation of medium- and long-term goals. We are focused particularly on community assets. From inception, Thame Sherpa Heritage Fund seeks to contribute: 

  • Short-term: Immediate relief through the funding and delivery of materials for temporary shelter, and other supplies based on formal needs assessment.
  • Medium-term: Building an operationally and financially sound platform (solicitation, formulation and assessment of proposals) for reconstruction and development with grassroots support. 
  • Long-term: Achieve higher standards of safety and quality of life in Thame Valley through the informed reconstruction of village buildings and monuments of cultural heritage.

Our strategy is to:

  • Apply well-considered criteria and a disciplined selection process to the funding of projects
  • Engage world-class experts in architectural and engineering design in consultation with Thame Sherpa community to develop the Thame Valley’s capacity with a concomitant commitment to cultural preservation and sustainability
  • Engage a Board of Directors with diverse expertise and grassroots support



TSHF is committed to the highest standards of accountability, transparency and ethics. The Board sets and updates the strategic direction of Thame Sherpa Heritage Fund, oversees the financial management and business controls of the organization, approves periodic budgets, reviews audits, and approves all major contracts and agreements with third parties.  We believe local representation and grassroots support are key: the Board of Directors includes Thame Sherpa community leaders resident in Thame Valley and overseas. 

Project Selection Criteria

Criteria will be finalized by the Board of Directors, and may include:

  • Supported by the expected users of the building project
  • Affordable and sustainable
  • Ecologically sound
  • Respectful of Sherpa cultural heritage
  • Visionary for sustainable development
  • Adding value to the Thame Valley community
  • Defined by a construction plan, budget, timetable and project leader
  • Enhanced by co-funding from stakeholders and other external donors